A drop of water which falls into a great ocean will neither be exhausted nor cease to exist until the end of the universe. Likewise, a virtuous root dedicated toward attaining enlightenment will neither be exhausted nor cease to exist until you reach perfect enlightenment.- The Sutra spoken by Noble Inexhaustible Intelligence

20110617-kagyu-monlam-3823Sponsors play a vital role in helping make this event a success. The Kagyu Monlam relies on financial donations to cover the cost of texts, offerings, and additional supplies required leading up to and during the event. Sponsoring the event is one way to connect to the Dharma and the Monlam, and can be a way to practice the Perfection (paramita) of Generosity. Contributions enable us to keep the participant fee as low as possible and help to underwrite fees for the noble ordained sangha.

Each donation, large or small is welcomed and appreciated.  May your support be the cause for accomplishing vast benefits for oneself and all other sentient beings!

You can sponsor the Event, Meals, Butter Lamps, or other Offerings. Please contact us directly to become a Sponsor or use the PayPal link below.


  • Event Sponsorship

    1. Marpa Sponsorship: $10,000 +
    Marpa sponsors will receive Marpa, Milarepa, and Gampopa statues

    2. Milarepa Sponsorship: $5,000-$9,999
    Milarepa sponsors will receive Marpa and Milarepa statues.

    3. Gampopa Sponsorship: $3,000-$4,999
    Gampopa sponsors will receive a Gampopa statue.

    All sponsors will be offered reserved seating and the Kagyu Monlam textbook.

    Meals Sponsorship

    Breakfast: $500/day
    Lunch: $1500/day
    Tea/Juice: $250/session

  • Butter Lamp Sponsorship

    Tea light: $5
    Medium-sized butter lamp: $30
    Large butter lamp: $100

    1000 Offerings Sponsorship: $300 each

    1000 Torma
    1000 Flowers
    1000 Incense
    1000 Saffron Water

    Tsok Sponsorship


    General Donation

    Any amount is appreciated. Donations made here will be applied to a general fund in support of this year’s North American Kagyu Monlam.

Tax receipts will be available upon request.